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Experiencing is understanding. Amber Waves VR's data analytics and data visualization tools and services enable you to see your data, touch your data, experience your data. Virtual / Augmented/ Mixed Reality (XR) provides an immediacy and an intimacy that no other medium can. Backed by our deep analytical tools, our technology supports a level of data understanding that is unparalleled.

Amber Waves VR creates solutions that help you explore your data and create stunning interactive visualizations. We work with leading XR platforms such as Meta Quest, HTC Vive Pro and Windows Mixed Reality to provide fully immersive experiences for Big Data (and not-so-big data) exploration and analysis. Not ready for XR? Our technology also works as a desktop application.
Immersive data visualization

Data Visualization

Create stunning, interactive, immersive visualizations of your data.

Big data analytics

Data Analytics

Use advanced analytical techniques, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to gain actionable insights from your data.

Virtual reality consulting

Custom Solutions

Amber Waves VR is a data visualization and data analytics consultant, delivering solutions to the enterprise. Whether your platform is XR, desktop, mobile or the web, we design eye-popping data visualizations and custom analytics.

" The greatest challenge with Big Data is understanding it in all its volume and complexity. "

Meet Our Founder

Richard Senft

Richard L. Senft, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO


" I am very passionate about data visualization and analytics. At Amber Waves VR we blend virtual, augmented and mixed reality with advanced data analytics in a way that captures the best of human perception and insight - and Machine Learning and Deep Learning. "


AR and VR in data visualisation – can it ever be useful to our puny human minds?

"The biggest challenge is to not misrepresent the data"

The Register | June 15, 2017


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